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Integrating Print Audit with PrintReleaf

By following the steps outlined below, you'll be able to register your Print Audit server in PrintReleaf, set up data synchronization, and connect a customer account

Part I: Adding your Print Audit Server to PrintReleaf

This will register your Print Audit server in PrintReleaf

1. Navigate to Integrations

2. Click Add Print Audit Server

PA part1-1-2

3. Enter the URL and Contact Email for your Print Audit server

4. Click Continue to savePA part1-3-4

5. Take note of the Web Service credentials in the Print Audit Data Sync Settings section. These will be used later in the guide.PA part1-5




Part II: Configuring your Print Audit server to sync data to PrintReleaf

This will configure a daily report to be sent from your Print Audit server to PrintReleaf

1. Log in to your Print Audit dealer portal with Administrative Rights
2. Navigate to Reporting > Data Exports
3. Select Device Inventory (XML)
4. Click Proceed to Next Step

PA part2-1-4

5. Select Report by Dealer

6. Select Customer: [All]

7. Select Managed/unmanaged: Managed only

8. Select Report Date: Current

9. Click Proceed to Next StepPA part2-5-9

10. Enter PrintReleaf Data Sync for the Report Title field

11. Click Proceed to Next Step

PA part2-10-11

12. Select Deliver this report immediately

13. Select Schedule this report for future delivery

14. Select Deliver Via: Web Service

15. Select Generate this report daily at 12:00 AM

16. Configure the URLWeb Service Username, and Web Service Password fields using the Web Service Settings from Part 1: Step 5 of this guide

17. Click Generate Report

PA part2-12-17




Part III: Connecting a Customer in PrintReleaf to Print Audit

This will configure a new account in PrintReleaf to receive data from Print Audit

1. Log in to your Print Audit dealer portal with Administrative Rights
2. Navigate to Administration > Customers
3. Locate and Open the account you wish to connect to PrintReleaf

PA part3-1-3

4. Record the ID from the URL line at the top as you will need the ID # to complete the configuration for this accountPA part3-4

1. Log into your PrintReleaf portal

2. Navigate to Accounts

3. Click + Add Account

PA part3-5-7

8. Enter a name for the new account
9. Click Continue to save

PA part3-8-9

10. Scroll Down to Data Feeds
11. Click Add Print Audit Feed

PA part3-10-11

12. Enter the customer's Print Audit Account ID from Step 4
13. Click Add Feed to save

PA part3-12-13
If challenges arise, the PrintReleaf Support team is readily available to assist