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Integrating PrintFleet with PrintReleaf

By following the steps outlined below, you'll be able to register your PrintFleet server in PrintReleaf, set up data synchronization, and connect a customer account.

Part I: Adding your PrintFleet Server to PrintReleaf

This will establish a live connection between your PrintFleet and PrintReleaf

1. In your PrintReleaf portal, navigate to Integrations
2. Click Add PrintFleet Server

3. Enter the URLUsernamePassword, and Contact Email for your PrintFleet server
4. Click Continue to save


Part II: Creating a PrintFleet customer feed

This will register the customer as an active feed for PrintReleaf to automatically sync page counts from PrintFleet

1. Log in to your PrintFleet dealer portal
2. Navigate to Settings > Group Management > Manage Groups
3. Select the group (account) from the left hand menu that you want to connect to PrintReleaf
4. Once selected, copy the Group ID number. You will paste this into PrintReleaf to complete the configuration for this account

5. Log into your PrintReleaf portal
6. Click Accounts on left navigation bar
7. Click + Add Account

8. Enter a name for the new account
9. Click Continue

10. Scroll Down to Data Feeds
11. Click Add Feed under PrintFleet 

12. Select your PrintFleet Server from the dropdown menu
13. Enter the customer's PrintFleet Group ID from Step 4
14. Click Add Feed to save

If challenges arise, the PrintReleaf Support team is readily available to assist.