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Integrating Xerox XSM with PrintReleaf

By following the steps outlined below, you'll be able to establish access, set up data synchronization, and connect a customer account between PrintReleaf and Xerox XSM

Step 1: Gather Required Credentials

You will need the following credentials to connect a customer feed in PrintReleaf:

  • XSM Account ID: Your XSM Account ID (ex: afc56d83-9522-4753-9143-08db75212bf6)

  • Chargeback Code: (Optional) Provide the name of a specific chargeback code to limit the devices PrintReleaf should sync. If left blank, PrintReleaf will sync all devices within your XSM account.

  • Operations Center: The operations center where your XSM account is located. The PrintReleaf integration is currently available in the following operations centers: CMPSOC, EUOC, NAOC, and GOC.

Step 2: Request Access for PrintReleaf

Email Support@printreleaf.com with your XSM Account ID, Account Name and Operations Center information to initiate the XSM Integration Process

**We'll typically confirm access within 5 business days after coordinating with Xerox

Part I: Configure Customer Feed in PrintReleaf

Log into your PrintReleaf dashboard:

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 2.40.59 PM
      - Click on 'Accounts' 


Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 2.43.29 PM
      - Select 'Add Account' then enter Account Name



Part II: Initiate Data Feed Setup: 

Scroll to bottom of page newly created Account Dashboard:

- Click 'Add Feed' under Xerox XSM


- Enter the feed details:

        1. Operations Center from the dropdown menu

        2. XSM Account ID - 36 Characters 

        3. Chargeback Code - can be a variable number of characters

        4. Set the Activation Date for data synchronization

        5. Configure Sync Settings to determine the scope of data synchronization (all devices or only ‘managed’ devices).


Your New Account Feed is now active 


Once activated, PrintReleaf will begin collecting data from your XSM account every night.

You can expect to see the paper consumption data reflected in your account the following business day.

If challenges arise, the PrintReleaf Support team is readily available to assist