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Why we recommend creating a user in your Print Monitoring Software specifically for PrintReleaf

Our recommended best-practice for IT/Ops

PrintReleaf connects to many of our integrations using username/password credentials for a user of the third-party software.
For example, 'Bob Smith' works at 'ACME MPS Company' which uses FMAudit for monitoring their customers’ print environments. When Bob goes to set up the FMAudit integration in PrintReleaf, he can register ACME MPS Company’s FMAudit server using his own FMAudit user.

URL: https://fm.acme.com
Username: bob@acme.com
Password: ************

As long as Bob’s FMAudit user has at least Dealer Admin permissions, this will work totally fine.However, this configuration can be problematic over time.

Bob will likely change his password in FMAudit periodically. If he doesn’t also update the password registered in PrintReleaf, then we won’t be able to connect anymore, and the integration will go unhealthy.

Likewise, if Bob parts ways with ACME MPS, his user will be deleted on FMAudit, and someone at ACME MPS will need to update the credentials stored in PrintReleaf.
To avoid all of these pitfalls, we recommend creating a new user on FMAudit specifically for the PrintReleaf integration that is not tied to a person. That way the password doesn’t change and break the integration. So instead of setting up the FMAudit server in PrintReleaf using his own credentials, Bob should create a new user, something like printreleaf@acme.com, and register it as such:

URL: https://fm.acme.com
Username: printreleaf@acme.com
Password: ************