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Integrating Printanista with PrintReleaf

By following the steps outlined below, you'll be able to register your Printanista server in PrintReleaf, set up data synchronization, and connect a customer account

Gather Necessary Information

  1. Ensure you have the URL of your Printanista server
  2. Ensure you have your Printanista API Key
  3. Obtain username/password for an Printanista user with Dealer Admin permissions
**It is highly recommended to create a new user for PrintReleaf's integration on your Printanista server. For more detail, please read why we recommend creating a user specifically for PrintReleaf Integration

Part I: Adding your Printanista Server to PrintReleaf

  1. In PrintReleaf, navigate to Integrations
  2. Click 'Add Server' under eci Printanista

  3. Enter the URLUsernamePassword, and Contact Email for your Printanista account and server
  4. Click Continue to save




Part II: Connecting Customers to Printanista

This will register the customer as an active feed for PrintReleaf to automatically sync page counts from Printanista

    1. Log in to your Printanista dealer portal with Administrative Rights
    2. Navigate to Admin > Server > Public API Security
    3. Select PrintReleaf Managed Only Report or PrintReleaf Report.
      (The Managed Only Report will only submit meters for machines that are marked as managed within Printanista)
    4. Select the checkbox next to the corresponding account you want to connect to PrintReleaf
    5. Click Enable
      Optional: You can enable All accounts in Printanista and use the PrintReleaf website to control the activity. Simply check 'Enable for All Accounts'

    6. From the Account tab, record the Account ID corresponding to the customer you want to connect to PrintReleaf
    7. Log into your PrintReleaf portal
    8. Navigate to Accounts
    9. Click +Add Account
    10. Enter a name for the new account
    11. Click Continue to save
    12. Scroll Down to Data Feeds
    13. Click 'Add Feed' under eci Printanista
    14. Select your Printanista Server from the dropdown menu
    15. Enter the customer's Printanista Account ID
    16. Click Add Feed


    If challenges arise, the PrintReleaf Support team is readily available to assist.