Partner Marketing Toolkit

Promoting your commitment to positive environmental impact

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Step 1: create your company profile page

Your company will then be added to PrintReleaf's Partner Directory and you'll generate a code snippet to place a real-time data widget on your website (examples further below).

On any newly created Account's Home Page, scroll down to 'My PrintReleaf Profile and click 'Get Started'.
Complete Profile Form: In your partner profile you can fill out information that will be on your company page in the PrintReleaf Partner Directory.

After saving your profile information, your profile will immediately be available on our Partner Directory, plus a code snippet will be generated to create your company's website widget.

The widget gives you the ability to effortlessly share the most up-to-date information on progress made in reforestation and carbon offsetting at your company and can even be customized.

Examples of how partners have leveraged the widget on their websites:

We can provide API Documentation if your company has web developer resources and you're interested in customization.

Examples: Mitchell Press & Nustream Print Services


Step 2: leverage PrintReleaf's website in your marketing 

Step 3: tag us on social  

We're always happy to amplify your voice, here are links to our accounts:

Finally, contact to let us know what else we can do to be helpful.