Sales Support: Frequently Asked Questions

Quick tips for Sellers to communicate the business value of PrintReleaf

What is PrintReleaf? A platform that combines technology and eco-consciousness to support global reforestation, sustainability, and responsible management for the print industry.


What's unique about PrintReleaf's sustainability services? 

1. Measures the environmental impact of paper/fiber-based products as well as the carbon footprint, allowing customers to view and offset through their choice of reforestation and carbon offset projects.

2. A cloud-based software platform that seamlessly integrates with print monitoring software or existing commercial printer workflows for tracking print consumption.

3. Self-serve customer dashboards display paper consumption, trees planted, and carbon emissions offset for easy sustainability tracking. PrintReleaf also provides marketing and promotional resources and a company profile page to support audience engagement.


Can you explain the reforestation process of PrintReleaf? PrintReleaf's reforestation process is precise and impactful. For every 8,333 sheets of standard paper utilized, the system plants one standard tree. This calculation takes into account several key factors, including and not limited to - paper/fiber-based product size, weight, duplexing (double-sided printing), tree species, local climate conditions, and survival rates of the trees, ensuring a comprehensive approach to reforestation upheld by the PrintReleaf Standard.


Can you tell us more about the PrintReleaf Standard? It's an open and public document that outlines the operational, financial, and organizational requirements for members of our network of certified Global Forestry Partners. 


How can we track environmental impact with PrintReleaf? Once a user is added on the platform, they will automatically receive certificates each month that provide a detailed report of their company's sustainability efforts. They can also login to their dashboard, or install a web widget for real-time metrics. 


How quickly can we see results with PrintReleaf? The impact of using PrintReleaf can be felt from day one. You also have the option to offset historical paper usage, further enhancing your sustainability program. The timeframe for seeing measurable environmental results depends on your paper and/or packaging consumption and the specific projects you choose to support.


How does PrintReleaf align with global sustainability goals? PrintReleaf's projects are in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This alignment allows businesses to seamlessly integrate PrintReleaf's efforts into their broader sustainability reporting, contributing to global environmental goals.


How does PrintReleaf handle carbon offsetting? PrintReleaf employs a detailed calculation to aid Corporate Carbon Accounting where 117,647 sheets of standard paper or 1,173.42 lbs of fiber-based print or packaging material equate to one metric ton of CO2 emissions. This calculation is in accordance with The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) guidelines which helps to accurately determine a company's carbon footprint, which can then be offset through various certified projects.


How can clients be confident that their trees are being planted? The effectiveness of PrintReleaf's reforestation efforts is ensured through stringent audits conducted by SGS International, a reputable third-party organization. These audits guarantee a net survival rate of 100% or more for the trees planted, ensuring long-term environmental benefits.


Is PrintReleaf compatible with existing MPS setups? Yes, PrintReleaf is designed for easy integration with current MPS monitoring software. Its cloud-based nature means there's no need for physical installation, facilitating smooth integration into existing workflows.


Can PrintReleaf adapt to environments with mixed device brands? Absolutely. PrintReleaf connects to monitoring software or collects aggregate data reports. This capability ensures efficient and comprehensive data capture to drive the service.